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- The Logistics and Prospects of the Littoral Club
- The Quality Club
- The New Entrepreneurs Club
- Commercial associations
- Normandie ECOBIZ
- PLATO Haute-Normandie

The Logistics and Prospects of the Littoral Club

What is the Logistics and Prospects of the Littoral Club?
It is a 1901 law association, started in April 2002 by the Dieppe CCI and the Normand Picard Littoral. Run by the Dieppe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the club is a member of « Logistique Seine Normandie » (Logistics Seine Normandie)and the "Pôle de Compétitivité Logistique" (the Centre for Logistic Competitiveness). It has more than twenty members coming from the transport sector, logistics, large scale retailing and the industry, plus administrative bodies and local authorities acting in favour of development in this sector of activity.

Its purpose:
- to bring together, to widen and promote the skills of the logistics sector in the Dieppe - Le Tréport area.
- to share experiences so as to improve members' mutual knowledge of logistics and solve problems together.
- to make the offer of the logistics sector in the area more competitive and to promote it with its users and potential partners.
- to be in a position to make propositions for the development of logistic activities north of the Seine-Maritime.
- to promote the jobs and professional trainings of the logistic sector in order to improve the balance between supply and demand on the job market.
- to develop contacts between industries, of the large scale retailing and of the service-providing branches, making use of a / or a logistic activity in order to ease the mutual knowledge of this particular activity and to multiply the means of information, communication and development in this area of activity

The Logistics and Prospects of the Littoral Club offers an extensive programme every year, including :
- Lectures followed by open debates on themes linked to logistics
- Several visits of logistic businesses and platforms
- Collective actions (forums, participation to trade fairs... )

> Click here to download the 2009 programme of the Logistics and Prospects of the Littoral Club

Contact :
Club Logistique et perspectives du Littoral
Dieppe CCI
Tél. : 02 35 06 50 50
Fax. : 02 35 06 50 51

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The Quality Club :

Quality management has become a vital element for businesses. The Dieppe CCI helps businesses in the implementation and the managing of quality.

Are you willing to :
improve the performance of your company ;
have a better knowledge of the stakes involved in quality and the environment ;
start a Quality and Environmental Management scheme ;
improve your quality level to continually strive for excellency.

Then the Environment and Quality Club is at your disposal !

The Environment and Quality Club is deditated to reflection. Its main assignment is to "make the sharing of experience easier between the economic actors of the Pays Dieppois - Caux area, and to organise any event or activity aiming at improving the knowledge and skills of its members in these areas ".
Members of the steering Committee : Groupe Dumont Temeca SNB - Toshiba Teis - le Lycée Pablo Neruda - Cegelec Sdem - Gevelot Extrusion and the Dieppe CCI.

Its values :
Developing the skills of its members on a long-term basis,
Having an ethical behaviour by handling the shared information with discretion,
Believing in the exchange of good practices without passing personal judgements.

Members :
The neo-quality/environment : those businesses which are thinking about launching a Quality and Environmental management scheme ;
The initiated are : The companies wishing to take steps towards a Quality and/or Environmental scheme ;
The certified are : businesses already certified wishing to improve their system(s) in order to increase their performances.

Tools :
thematic conferences based on group work and testimonies from participating businesses or experts ; visits of businesses ; organising contacts ; documentary resources ; reflection groups ; discussion forums ...

Next meeting on the ....

Do you wish to implement a quality management scheme ?
A survey on the needs for Quality and Environmental certification has been carried out by the Dieppe CCI at Lycée Pablo Neruda's request. Outcome : The rate of Quality and Environmentally certified companies is very low, which means that future needs in this area will greatly increase.
The Dieppe CCI puts therefore a great deal of effort in assisting businesses in implementing and improving Quality and Environmental management schemes.

Tools :
1 - A partnership
With the support of large companies a partnership between the Pablo Neruda Technical High School, the Dieppe CCI and the Alizé Committee has been set up since September 2007 to support SMEs' projects in the area of Quality.
A first project has been formalized with the BOUCOURT company
Another was started in September 2008 with the S.N SODDIM company.

The needs of local SMEs may be met by the Pablo Neruda Technical High School through the placement in companies of first year students preparing a "BTS" in the various areas of industry, or of second year students carrying out industrial projects. In order to set up more ambitious projects the Pablo Neruda High School puts at the disposal of companies students preparing a professional degree in the management of projects focusing on quality, hygene, safety, environmental and process efficiency issues. Those students who have already passed a "BTS" have to conduct a 21 weeks long project within a company, allowing therefore the defining and setting up of projects with added value for companies.

2 - A collaborative regional platform
Through the "Environment Safety Quality Community” the Ecobiz collaborative regional platform favours the exchange of good practices between regional businesses wishing to pursue or to engage in actions in these areas.

3 - Assistance with forms
In order to resort to the services of external consultants for the setting up of Quality and Environmental schemes, SMEs may be helped by the CCI with the application forms asking for the FRAC subsidy (Regional Support Fund for Counsel) from the Conseil Régional.

Contact :
Tél. : 02 35 06 50 50
Fax : 02 35 06 50 46

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The New Entrepreneurs Club :

Are you starting up or taking over a business ...
Come and take part in the Dieppe CCI's New Entrepreneurs Club !

An ideal place for exchange, you will be able to share experiences, good practices and expertise with other people starting up or taking over a business.

The meetings organised by the Club are a time for exchange between young entrepreneurs. Their aim is to give young entrepreneurs a means of breaking out of their isolation and to support their development.

These meetings are hosted by experts and partners of the CCI and adress themes linked to business development. They make the sharing of experience and information possible.

Registration : Alexandra BRICE - Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Dieppe - 02 35 06 50 50 -

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The GIPS, an Interprofessional Group for Safety and Prevention is a 1901 law association created in 1986. It is open to any professional having an interest in hygiene, safety and environmental issues, in a professional or private capacity.

Why a GIPS ?
- the need for communication
- to share experiences
- to share equipment and documentation
- to liaise with administrations and authorities : CRAM, occupational doctors, factory inspectorate SAMU, DRIRE, emergency services...

Function and missions
Raising general awareness in the areas of hygene at work, people and goods safety, the environment.
Making the voice of businesses heard by administrative bodies, business partners and service providers.
Improving prevention within businesses
Having an impact by means of planned actions on the frequency and the seriousness of accidents at work

Fields of intervention
Voluntary audits on members' workplace
Mutual help between fellow workers, punctual assistance
Organisation of meetings around particular themes with the participation of registered members and outside partners.
Informative actions aimed at raising general awareness
Designing and making available brochures on safety and the environment

Means of action
Human resources
Skills and experience sharing network
Committee works
Regulation and documentary intelligence
Secretarial work

Financial means
Setting up of collective actions, search for partnership and financial support
Bringing together various actions
Bringing together actions generating scale economy : prevention plan, group visits

Technical means
Multimedia library
Training material

4, boulevard Général de Gaulle
76374 Dieppe cedex
Tél. : 02 35 06 50 34
E-mail :
Website :

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Commercial Associations :

The association of shop-owners, a logical intermediary and special partner

Trade is a natural actor of the expansion of cities and rural towns.

Shop owners associations have a twofold purpose :
- to be a driving force in attracting and establishing customer loyalty, to develop commercial activity (special events, discount cards... )

- to be in a position to make propositions for a better adaptation of shop surroundings, to build up the dynamics of the trade area and to adopt a federative development strategy including local actors as a whole.

The shop owners association is a structure organised in order to :
- build up the dynamics of shopping areas.
- help businesses to achieve better results and increase their competitiveness.
- improve the commercial offer and develop customer services.
- make the town a livelier place and communicate with the public in order to promote the town.
- be active at the town hall and state authorities level.
- represent and defend the interests of members.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry helps in structuring commercial associations, works with them and gives them its support in the organisation of entertaining events. It also helps associations with the dialogue they permanently engage with local authorities, and with the following up of schemes implemented with the support of the State, the "Département" and the "Communautés de Communes".

The Dieppe Chamber of Commerce and Industry also helps by financially contributing to their planned events every year.

List of the commercial associations of the Dieppe area

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The GERDET is the Organisation of the Employers of the areas of Dieppe, Eu, Le Tréport.

What is the GERDET ?
It is first and foremost a network dedicated to mutual help and the sharing of experience between companies of all sizes. It is a regional association of business managers working as an interprofessional union, affiliated to the MEDEF. It is also a club which develops solidarity between its members, the sharing of experience and expertise. It has been in existence since 1936 and has covered the Dieppe district under its current name since 1970.

One of the main missions of the GERDET is to represent and have its members represented :
- in economic bodies : the Dieppe CCI and the Normand Picard Littoral, Seine-Maritime Expansion…
- in bodies in which each member has the same number of representatives : the ASSEDIC, URSSAF, CAF, CPAM, Conseil des prud’hommes…
- in public administrative bodies : the SOUS-PRÉFECTURE, DRIRE…
- Members are present in the Dieppe and Eu-Le Tréport Commercial Courts, in the Council for External Trade.

Services to members :
- helping business managers to get to know one another, welcoming newcomers, supporting those having difficulties, ending personal conflicts.
- spreading economic, legal and social information issued by the MEDEF (translator's note: the MEDEF is the largest employers union in France)
- offering brainstorming workhops on current issues and training sessions or meetings taking place within businesses.

Functionning :
the GERDET having no salaried worker, it is entirely dependent on voluntary work It is run by a committee elected by its members for two years. A secretary's office is domiciled at the Dieppe CCI on a permanent basis. Three annual general meetings are organised every year which are an opportunity for drawing a picture of the economic situation of the area thanks to a survey carried out among its members.
About one hundred firms and businesses of all sizes and activities are currently members of the GERDET, which represent nearly 150 000 employees.

Contact :
Tél. : 02 35 06 50 26
Fax : 02 35 06 50 51

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Normandie ECOBIZ :

Normandie ECOBIZ is a safe scheme for the sharing of knowledge at the scale of the Normandy region. It is designed to make exchanges and synergies betweeen businesses easier. ECOBIZ 's ambition is to provide decision-makers and managers with relevant information, personalised and available at the right time.

> Find out more about ECOBIZ and visit its website

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PLATO Haute-Normandie :

First set up in Belgium this scheme enables business managers to exchange experiences and expertise grounded in the competence of experts and excecutives assigned to act as mentors by large local companies.

These exchanges take place during work meetings focusing on particular issues chosen by the participants.

Its aim : to favour exchanges and the sharing of experiences between SMEs and larger companies.

> Have a look at the presentation brochure

Don't hesitate to register !

Contact :
CCI de Dieppe
Tél. : 02 35 06 50 50
Fax : 02 35 06 50 46

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