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Developing my business

Developing commercial companies

- Commercial associations
- Normandie Qualité Commerce
- Mercure d'or and Panonceau d'or
- Trade support and services to the individual
- Regulations

Commercial associations :

Trade is a natural actor of the expansion of Cities and rural towns.

Shop owners associations have a twofold purpose :
- To be a driving force to attract and establish customer loyalty, to develop commercial activity (special events, discount cards... )

- To be a proposing force for a better adaptation of commercial surroundings, to build up the dynamics of the trade area and to adopt a federative development strategy including local actors as a whole.

The shop owners association is a structure organised in order to :
- Build up the dynamics of commercial areas.
- Help businesses to achieve better results and increase their competitiveness.
- Improve the commercial offer and develop customer services.
- Make the town a livelier place and communicate with the public in order to promote the town.
- Be active at the town hall and state authorities level.
- Represent and defend the interests of members.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry helps in structuring commercial associations, works with them and gives them its support in the organisation of entertaining events.It also helps associations with the dialogue they permanently engage with local authorities, and with the following up of schemes implemented with the support of the State, the Département and the "Communauté de Communes".

(In France, a "commune" is usually the administrative term used to describe a village or a rural town)

The Dieppe Chamber of Commerce and Industry also helps by financially contributing to the organisation of their planned events every year.

List of the commercial associatons of the Dieppe area

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Normandie Qualité Commerce :

Normandie Qualité Commerce is a progressive approach offered to shopkeepers and service providers to the individual by the Upper-Normandy Chambers of Commerce and Industry so as to improve their standards.

Retail trade and trading services to the individual established in Upper-Normandy and registered with the RCS. The company must be judicially and financially independent, and its manager must actually participate in its running. This allows to bring out a number of garantees defined by common qualitative standards.
150 criteria that come under 6 different themes will be analysed with the help of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and that of an expert firm.

A label to :
- Increase the loyalty of current customers and acquire new ones
- Answer their need for reliability and their demands
- Make a difference with competitors
- To bring out one's business , one's professionalism

A commitment
The shop owner commits himself to satisfy, in the best possible way, the expectations of his current and future customers on the following points :
- The way customers are received
- Sensible advice
- A comfortable and agreable shop
- Available goods
- Clear information and display...

Two different aims , yet closely linked
- To bring out the shopkeepers' know-how and provide them with a means, a token allowing them to be set apart
- To make that known and to communicate with consumers

Individually this initiative allows to :
- Affirm the particularities of local independent trade
- Strengthen the shopkeeper-customer relationship
- Increase the loyalty of customers as well as their number
- The permanent search for excellency through innovation

Collectively the initiative enables to
- Reinforce and enhance the biggest asset of local trade : direct and personal contact with the customer, the image, the professionalism of retail men and businesses

A simple and individual operation, based on individual willingness, and accessible to most
- Designed for all retail trade companies and trade services to the individual companies that are independent and established in Upper-Normandy
- Managed and led by the shopkeeper himself

Contact :
Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Dieppe
4, boulevard Général de Gaulle
76206 Dieppe cedex
Marie-Hélène CAPPE
Tel. : 02 35 05 50 50
Fax : 02 35 06 50 51

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Mercure d'or and Panonceau d'or :

The challenge of trade and services

Who can participate?
Retail trade and trade services to the individual established in Upper-Normandy and registered with the Companies Registration Office. The company should have at least two years of existence.

Why participate ?
For thirty years this annual contest has aimed at distinguishing the best shop owners and comercial associations in France. It awards two different distinctions:
- The "Mercure d'Or" which rewards the individual performances of shop owners
- The "Panonceau d'Or" which rewards the collective performances of commercial associations

These rewards are honorary ones and take the shape of a diploma signed by the junior minister for SMEs, Commerce, the Craft Industry, the liberal professions and Consumption, and by of the President of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry, a medal is also awarded to the winner.

How to participate ?
The people interested in the contest should get an application form and an internal regulation notice from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The completed form should be returned to the local CCI which will set up a local jury in order to proceed to a first selective process. The CCI will then forward the selected forms for examination by the national jury. A special jury composed of Ministry representatives, experts, recognised professionals, bankers, consultants, shop owners and partners, journalists, make the national selection.
Every year 100 to 150 application forms undergo examination at a national level, i.e 70 to 100 to the "Mercure d'Or" title, and 30 to 50 to the "Panonceaux d'Or" title.

Contact :
The Dieppe CCI
Service Commerce (Trade Service)
Tel. : 02 35 06 50 50
Fax : 02 35 06 50 51

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Trade support and services to the individual :

Non exhaustive list of different kinds of business development support :
Refundable Advance Fund to Trade, Craft, and Services (ARACS)
Regional Support Fund for Business Advice (FRAC)
Specific aids to fuel suppliers
Specific support for tobacconists
Support for the fitting of a waste water cleaning system
Individual rural operations - Villages under 3 000 inhabitants

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Regulation :

> Consult the regulation on sales
> Consult the regulation on sales on temporary premises

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