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Starting up - Taking over

The starting up / taking over process

From the dawning of the idea down to the actual starting of the business, the business start-up service of the Dieppe CCI works alongside everyone bearing the project of starting or taking over a business in the areas of trade, industry, services and tourism, in order to see the project through and ensure the continuity of the business.


You are invited free of charge to a collective information meeting that takes place every two weeks on Monday mornings, from 9.00 to 12.00 (up to a maximum of 20 people per meeting).

a training session is organised every three months
(up to a maximum of 12 participants)
to acquire the basics of the managerial job.

In order to hone and materialize their project, the business start-up advisor will meet the future entrepreneurs for individual interviews. A meeting is arranged within fifteen days.
> To access a table of the aids you may have a right to when starting or taking over a business, click here!

Other partners

- Assessment of your project by an approval committee
- Financial support of your project

> The DBI approved

  A one-stop-shop to ease and simplify administrative procedures : a single place for your declarations.   - Certified accountants
- Lawyers
- Solicitors
- Structures for specific aids

- - - - - - - - - Beginning of the business activity- - - - - - - - - -

- Supervision by an experienced manager
- Follow-up assistance of business management
- Club Créateurs
  - Follow-up assistance of the business expansion

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Your contacts : Alexandra BRICE et Anne-Marie GARCIA
Tel.: 02 32 100 900



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