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Selling on - Transferring ownership

Normandie Transmission Commerce

The scheme is designed to help the transferring of commercial and service companies. This operation has entailed a signed agreement with the Departemental Chamber of the Solicitors of Seine-Maritime (the "département" is an administrative division of the French territory, Dieppe being situated in the département of the Seine-Maritime) It is led by the Rouen, Elbeuf, Le Havre, Dieppe, Fécamp, Bolbec and the Littoral Normand Picard Chambers of Commerce and Industry. It offers business managers wishing to transfer their businesses personalised assistance as well as tools to promote their offers.

To inform and increase the awareness of transferors, buyers and of those who pass on information
Assisting the selling on - taking over projects
To ease the matchmaking of transferors and buyers through the tool "Transcommerce"

To develop a communication policy aimed at those playing a part in the transferring-taking over process

A complex operation, the transferring of a business must be prepared well in advance in order to have a chance of success. Transferring one's business means first asking yourself the right questions, then elabotating a plan of action.

To help you find your bearings and assist you, advisors will be available for you at the Dieppe Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Download the brochure of the Normandie Transmission Commerce operation

Contact :
Marie-Hélène CAPPE
Tel : 02 32 100 900
Fax : 02 35 06 50 51

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