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The Dieppe CCI


- The Business Formalities Centre
- Technical assistance to trade
- Technical assistance to industry
- Economic information and the consular press
- Assistance and support to business start-ups
- Help throughout the process of transferring ownership of a business
- Survey and strategical projects Commission
- Professional training

The Business Formalities Centre (le Centre de Formalités des Entreprises or CFE)

A single service for business formalities.
- It advises and helps people complete the different required administrative formalities when starting, deregistrating, or modifying a business, (change of activity, of capital, of aim, of representatives, of the closing down date, transfer of the registered office ... ).

- It gives information and helps putting together files.

- It ensures the formal control and forwarding of the declaration forms and required documents to the different services concerned. The confidentiality of the information collected is guaranted.

- It delivers certificates of electronic signatures, guaranted by the Chambers of Commerce network to secure professional exchanges in 10 European countries.

The categorial competence of the CFE depends on the juridical form and on the activities of the business. The CFE of the CCI is competent for shopkeepers, manufacturers, service providers and commercial companies which do not have to be rgistered with the " Répertoire des Métiers " (ndt: the Craft Industry Directory). It is competent for businesses whose registered office, main secondary branch, concerned by the formality, is located in its district.

- You may also fully entrust your apprenticeship tax form to the CFE. An advisor is there to listen to you and assist you.

- A contract registration service
The A Point (Point A) registers the apprenticeship contracts of the businesses of the Dieppe district.

Contact :
Mireille LOUVET
Tel. : 02 32 100 900
Fax : 02 35 06 50 51

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Technical assistance to trade :

The technical assistance to trade and tourism department

Its tasks :
- Favouring the expansion of trade, of the catering and hotel business, and of the tourist industry
- Assisting trade and tourism businesses in the steps they take to improve quality
- Supporting trade in rural and urban areas
- Organizing or taking part in special events all the year long
- Help in transferring / taking over a business

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Technical assistance to industry :

The technical assistance to industry and service suppliers to businesses department is at businesses' disposal to :
- Advise and follow the strategical thinking and the implementation of development and investment plans,
- Support businesses in their dealing with daily problems, and the solving of difficulties,
- Work alongside businesses in their international expansion,
- Inform them about the financial aids they can receive depending on the nature of their development projects,
- Help with putting together the application forms necessary when asking for subsidies, and follow them through the various administrative processes.

This assistance to industrial businesses and service suppliers to businesses requires daily contacts out in the field, so that the needs of businessmen may be identified and support provided.

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Economic information and the consular press :

The collection of documents of the Dieppe CCI is at the disposal of the whole district population and of project bearers.

For reference only (documents that may not be borrowed) :
- Numerous technical publications and specialised reviews :
professional directories (Kompass, Pages Pro...), dictionnaries, guides and codes, studies, reports... ).
- A wide range of local, national, specialised newspapers.
- job sheets
- The Memo sheets of the APCE : for answers to juridical, fiscal, social and financial questions businessmen starting or buying a business may have in mind.

The Documentation Centre is open from Monday to Friday, access is free from 9.00 pm to 12.00 pm and from 2.00 from 5.00 pm. For reference only.

Other documents may be borrowed :
- The CCI magazine "Partenaire Economique"("Economic Partner") : a quaterly information magazine whose aim is to make the CCI services and actions known,
- The Premises Data Base
- The "Flash Industrie", a monthly news letter
- The "Flash Commerce", a monthly news letter
- The CCI Annual Activity Report
- The business parks Guide
- The legal notices Paper "Transcommerce",...

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Help and support to starting up :

Do you wish to start or take over a business in the areas of service, trade, tourism or industry ?

From the dawning of the idea down to the actual starting of the business, the business start-up service of the Dieppe CCI assists everyone planning to set up or take over a business in the areas of trade, industry, services and tourism, in order to see the project through and ensure the continuity of the business.

The Dieppe Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers to those setting up in business :

- A briefing session
During the meeting a business start-up advisor will inform every project bearer about the step by step process of the development of their project. He will answer every question asked by those starting a business.

- A training session " 5 days to set up in business " to acquire the basics of the business managing job.

- Individual support
In order to hone and materialize their project, the business start-up advisor will meet the future businessmen for individual interviews. His job is to help give the project a structure, to assist in putting together the files when asking for subsidies, to direct towards the adequate partners.

-Following up the newly created business

To ensure the continuity of businesses, the CCI has set up follow-up schemes :
- A Club for those starting or taking over a business
- "Patronage" by experienced business managers
- Overseeing of the business development streching over a three-year period

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Assistance when transferring a business :

A complex operation, the transfer of a business must be prepared well in advance to go smoothly. The Dieppe CCI is at your service to make the transfer of your business easier. Advisors are available, they may assist you and usefully direct you when completing formalities.

The Dieppe Chamber of Commerce and Industry puts at the disposal of those transferring a business :
- A reception and an information service.
The CCI advisors will answer all questions raised by the transfer of a business during individual interviews or general meetings.

- Individual and confidential support
CCI advisors will meet everyone transferring a business for individual interviews, or will go out in the businesses and shops to speak with the managers about their project and help them give it shape. These interviews are strictly confidential.

Several means of assistance are available :
- An assistance plan to the transfer of commercial and service businesses.

- A regional policy of assistance to industrial business managers when selling or transferring their businesses.

- The publishing of legal notices
Depending on the nature of the project, the CCI publishes a business sale notice in one of the business opportunity data base.

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The Commission for surveys and strategical projects :

Surveys, territory development and strategical projects

Its tasks :
- Defending the interests of the Dieppe area and of its businesses
Active participation to the elaboration and implementation of local and regional development plans.

- Understanding the area's economy and territory in order to act, plan and anticipate
Carrying out/following up socio-economic surveys and investigations, in the framework of the economic research institute of the Dieppe area, about businesses, tourism, logistics, infrastructures and equipments, etc.

- Ensuring a global and sustainable economic expansion of the Dieppe area, with an international outlook
Elaborating, following up and leading local as well as cross-border economic development programmes with Great-Britain.

- Supporting and promoting strategical economic sectors
Running the Littoral perspectives and Logistics Club, together with the pole of competitivity "Logistics Seine Normandy", Ecobiz...

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Professional training :

Training to the skills and jobs required within a business

Continuing education
The Dieppe Consular Institute offers business managers, shopkeepers, salaried people, job seekers, and young people of the Dieppe area, a wide range of training opportunities (in the service, technical, linguistic... sectors) answering their needs directly.

It can supply everyone, according to their needs and obligations, with a solution in order to acquire the desired skills as rapidly as possible.

Qualifying training course
The Training Center for Apprentices offers a sandwich training course, preparing in particular to the " baccalauréats Professionnels Énergétique" :
- Refrigeration and air-conditionning technician
- Energy systems maintenance technician

Contact :
Institut Consulaire de Dieppe (Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles)
Zone industrielle Louis Delaporte – Zone marron
76379 Dieppe cedex

Opening hours : From 8.00 am to 12.00 and from 1.00 to 5.00pm
Tel. : 02 35 06 85 90
Fax : 02 35 06 85 99

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