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The Dieppe CCI


- Historical background
- Operating
- Missions
- The district

Historical background :

The Dieppe Chamber of Commerce and Industry was created by Napoléon 1er on 7 February 1809. Its 9 members were settled on 11 July 1809 in the courtroom of the Dieppe Land and Sea Commercial Court by Mr FLOUEST, the then Mayor of Dieppe. At the end of the session, the Chamber of Commerce thus constituted proceeded to the appointement of its first committee, with Mr CASTEL as its president from 1809 to 1813.

The construction of the current headquarters started in 1897 and ended in 1902. This location was chosen because, situated as it was on the corner of the Bérigny and Duquesne quays, it overlooked the two docks dedicated to fishing and was near the fishing school. Today the fishing school doesn't exist anymore and the Bérigny quay was filled up in 1936.

Ever since the middle of the 19th century and until 31 December 2006 the Dieppe Chamber of Commerce and Industry has operated the port's equipment and public services on the State's authority. 2006 stood out as the year when the biggest global activity tonnage was recorded ever since statistics on port activity have existed. From January 1st 2007, the ownership of the port has been transferred to a "syndicat mixte" (ndt: a joint venture between various public authorities), as a result of the decentralization policy instituted by the State. The latter has decided to take away the running of the port from the Dieppe CCI and to manage it itself directly.

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Operating :

Chambers of Commerce and Industry were instituted to enable traders to organise themselves freely in a spirit of tolerance and exchange. They were also set up to give the king and local elected representatives advice on how to boost the local economic activity. In 1898, CCIs were legally defined as "public institutions whose aim was to freely represent the general interests of trade and industry in their district".

The Dieppe CCI is thus a public institution made up of business representatives, elected by way of direct universal suffrage by their peers, business managers and executives representing the sectors of the industry, trade and services present in the district. It corresponds to a large extent to the Dieppe area labour market. It is composed of a deliberative assembly made up of elected members and of different services responsible for implementing their economic policy.
This assembly is made up of incumbent members, industrial, commercial, and service suppliers business leaders elected by their peers, of associated members, of consular delegates and technical advisors.
A team of men and women who work on a daily basis for the economic development of the territory.

The Assembly and Elected Members
The composition of the CCI follows on the election of its members which takes place every 5 years :
The incumbent members of the Assembly are elected through a single cumulative voting ballot, by the voting residents of the Chamber's district. Their role is to take part in the deliberations of the General Assembly by voting, as well as in the works of the committees whose members they are. They give the CCI's action its orientation.

The associated members are appointed by the incumbent members. They take part in the General Assembly deliberations, their votes having a consultative value.

The technical advisors are named and participate in the works of the General Assembly, their votes being consultative ones.

The consular delegates are the electoral college of the commercial Courts. They are kept informed of the CCI's activity.

The General Assembly is the deliberating organ. It is composed of the elected members, the associated members and the technical advisors, the first being the only members entitled to vote. Its composition is by definition modified following each consular election.

The "Bureau", elected by the General Assembly, constitutes a debating and advisory body around the president. It is renewed after each election.

The President is the executive organ of the Chamber. Elected every five years by the incumbent members in the presence of the "Préfet "(ndt:the civil servant representing the state at a regional level) or in the presence of a representative, he presides and conducts the General Assembly and the bureau. He executes the Assembly's decisions and makes sure they are well implemented by the services. He plays an important representative role vis-à-vis the different bodies.

The committees prepare the work of the General Assembly and, if need be, that of the Bureau. Their role is a consultative one.
The technical committees are the following :
The industry Committee
The trade Committee
The sustainable development Committee
The professional training Committee
The tourism Committee
The international trade Committee
The aerodrome Committee
The Committee for the area development
And the Improvement CFA Committee

The members of the Bureau, the incumbent members, the associated members, and the technical advisors

The services
Under the authority of the "Directeur Général" (the Head of the services), collaborators from the different services implement the plans of action decided on by the elected members and work alongside businesses at every stage of their existence. Out in the field everyday, the team of collaborators is there to listen to business managers and to answer their needs, in partnership with business associations. By fufilling this mission the CCI contributes actively to the local economic development.

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Missions :

The Dieppe CCi is a genuine participant of the economic life development of the Dieppe area. The scope of its field of action is extended.

It represents the interests of commercial, industrial, and service businesses with the authorities, interprets their needs, gives voice to their opinions

It also is a genuine partner to businesses Through a wide range of products and services, it accompanies and advises businesses continuously. From their creation to their transmission, and through all the stages of the expansion of businesses, the CCI is there to advise and help business managers.

To allow the expansion of the economic life, the CCI invests directly or through its branches in the maintenance and modernisation of the local equipments that belongs to it or whose management it has been entrusted with : Business parks and industrial buildings, the Saint-Aubin-sur Scie aerodrome... It takes part in the considerations and propositions about the development of the area, the management and the creation of economic infrastructures, depending on the needs of businesses, and in partnership with all those having an active patrt in the local economic development.

It also participates, through its apprentice training centre and its training courses, in the training and the professional improvement of business staffs.

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The district :

The Dieppe district in figures :

3 175 businesses are established in the area :
- 1 501 commercial businessses
- 1 010 service businesses
- 664 industrial businesses

amounting to a number of 18 391 salaried employees
(January 2009 figures)

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