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Completing administrative formalities

Starting up formalities

A little foreword before your first visit to the "CFE" (Centre de Formalités des Entreprises / the Centre for Business Formalities)
If his business activity obeys specific regulations, the future business manager should in the first place make sure he fulfills the required conditions for his given activity.
To obtain further information, get in contact with:
- Professional bodies and unions
- The Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the Chamber of Trade
- The Seine-Maritime Board for fair trading, consumption and fraud squad
- The interministerial center for administrative information (CIRA)

Furthermore, some financial aids should be claimed before the business is started.

- Make a first visit to the business formalities center (CFE)
The CFE will undertake a certain number of formalities for you. Its task is indeed to centralize documents and to forward them to the different bodies involved in the business creation.
On this first visit, the CFE will supply the entrepreneur with a multipart form to be filled and with the list of the required documents for business registration.

- Looking for premises
Entrepreneurs can domicile their business in their own home if no legal or contractual disposition forbids it.
Entrepreneurs can also work at home as long as no contractual or legal disposition forbids it.
In the case of a limited liability company or a unipersonal limited liability company, the entrepreneur must give proof to the CFE that he indeed enjoys the use of the premises where he intends to set up his head office (lease, contract of disposal, sublease...)

- Choosing a name or a corporate name
Shopkeepers as well as self-employed craftsmen may choose a commercial name (identifying the business) to their fancy or one referring to the business activity. It is advisable to consult the INPI (ndt:the patent office for intellectual property) to check whether the name is not already in use. The latter can also be registered with the INPI.

- Procedures linked to the adoption of the articles of association in the case of a limited liability company or a unipersonal limited liability company, of a limited or simplified limited company
Write up the articles of incorporation
Proceed to appoint a manager
Draw up a statement of the deeds done in the name and for the business in the process of creation
Deposit the funds making up the capital contribution in cash on a frozen account

- Ask for the registration of your business
Once these formalities have been completed, the entrepreneur must return to the CFE to hand in the complete registration form. The CFE will then forward the form to the different concerned services. The business will officially be "born" when it is registered (within a period of 2 to 10 days).

In the case of a limited liability company, or of a unipersonal limited company, a limited company or a simplified company, the articles of incorporation must be registered within a month of their signature. A notice of establishment must be published in a legal paper. The complete form must be handed in at the CFE. From that moment on the business is in the process of being registered. It will be officially born on the day of its registration with the Companies Registration Office.

Once the form has been handed in, the CFE will give the future manager without delay or charge a receipt certifying a business creation form has been filed and bearing among other things the note "registration under way" and in some cases, the unique identification number of the company. This document allows him to take the preliminary steps necessary to start his business activity with public and private bodies fulfilling a mission of public service such as EDF (ndt:Electricité de France), GDF (ndt:Gaz de France, the French Electricity and Gas Board) or la Poste (ndt:The French postal service)
The receipt of business creation form is valid until the notification to the business manager of the registration of his business or at the most for a month starting on the day it has been issued.

The ACCRE form (ndt:Aide à la Creation et à la Reprise d'Entreprise /Assistance in starting up and taking over
- Form and notice
- Conditions for obtention

Written proofs
- Registration as a Limited Liability Company
- Registration as a Physical Person
- Registration as a Simplified Joint Stock Company
- Registration as a Limited Company

Master documents available for downloading
- Declaration of the spouse Article L 526-4 of the Code of Commerce
- Certification of your registered commercial address
- Declaration of your co-working spouse
- Power of attorney

Other useful documents
- A list of the towns and villages of the Dieppe CCI
- A list of all the goverment regulated bodies
- A list of the papers authorised to publish legal or judiciary notices
- The Clerk's Office fees

- Do not forget to make your business known :
- To the postal services
- To join a staff pension fund, the entrepreneur is obliged to join one even if he is not planning to take on employees in the near future. He will become a member, but he will not have to pay any contribution before a first employee is taken on.
- To ensure the business and business manager
- To buy the compulsory books : stock book, logbook, the staff record book... These books are on sale in specialised bookshops. Some must have a classification mark on and be initialed by the Commercial Court or by the Townhall.
- To join an occcupational medical center, if there are employees.

Useful links
> go to CFEnet
> getting a document certifying your registration in the SIREN directory

Contact :
The Dieppe CCI
The Center for Business Formalities
Tel. : + 33 (0)2 32 100 900
Fax : +33 (0)2 35 06 50 51

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